Shopping for Meal Preparation (100% Best Stress Free Method!)

Shopping for meal preparation is probably the most stressful part. So we have made it our mission to reduce the stress. That’s why we make our lists and plan out our meals before hand. I hate getting lost in the store, the amount of people I need to push through to get an item or having to go back to a dreaded full isle because I forgot something.

Hopefully I can cover and clear out some problems you might run into so that your stress can stay low and you can have fun with the process.

Shopping the Layout!

The most important factor that caused our stress was having to go back where we had come from. Once you go through and isle you want to be done. You do not want to fight through the crowded store for something you could have grabbed moments earlier.

We found that making a list in the order of how we planned to walk through the store helped us. We would start at veggies and write our list with all the vegetables first, then the next section we walk through in our store is the meat, isle one is bread and so on.

Not only does it help reduce stress but it helps us get in the routine of knowing where in the store certain items are. That way future trips are much easier!

Whole vs Prepared?

I am a fan of whole vegetables, meats..anything. When its been prepared you don’t know who has touched it, your paying more for a smaller amount and its not as fresh.

The benefit to prepared is that you do not have to do the work. I am not quite sure that in terms of saving money as you pay double the price for a quarter of the amount is worth it.

I think the minimal cutting you would really need to do is worth the savings, especially when that work can eventually lead to a week of no prep!

Seasons change prices!

This should be obvious but I wanted to touch base on it to help with the whole experience.

There are certain times of year that you can get fruits extremely cheap. They freeze well for future meal prep, the same with meats!

Purchasing things when they are on seasonal mega sale can save you a ton of money in the long term, we don’t get every sale all the time. There are times when berries go on sale for $1 a package and I a bit wild!

Saving money and freezing products to use in the future is a great way to increase your value when shopping for meal preparation.

Do name brands matter when shopping for meal preparation?

The extremely short answer: Not really and Absolutely! (kidding)

If you are going to be getting canned products and other premade things you want to make sure that it is mostly food. You can do this by reading the ingredients and seeing how many you recognize. Most of the products we get canned are pretty clean and when purchased in larger amounts become quite cost effective.

I wouldn’t buy the cheapest thing on the shelf unless it looks relatively clean, the point here is to be healthy and clean while preparing in advance. Not eat a ton of fillers and chemicals.

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