Method of Meal Preparation (Your Options to a Better Prep)

The methods of meal preparation really matter, it can change how successful and easy the process is!

So for the most part I have been running you through the basics of the typical one day meal prep rush as my choice method of meal preparation. This is the most common method used and the most dreaded. So I wanted to hopefully get rid of some of the fears and simplify the process for you.

However! There are other methods and some of them might fit your lifestyle better or fit your meal plan. All my previous tips should fall into these categories as well. Now lets find the perfect way for you to prep!

The Methods of a Good Meal Plan!

There are only a few methods and as I try more I will add them to the list!

  • Making Extra.
  • One Day Cooking Rush.
  • Cook Fresh Method.
  • Slow Cooker Method.

Cooking Extra!

This is one fairly simple. If you are already cooking dinner every night, why dont you just make a bit extra and freeze it. If you made double a meal every night for a week since you are already doing the work, you could have a week of frozen leftovers or you can take another day off from cooking and reheat that for dinner!

Yes you have to cut double the amount that night, but doubling the portion can be multiple lunches or another large meal. Also buying in bulk even for a single meal saves you money and this doesn’t disrupt your normal routine if you are an every night cooker.

One Day Rush!

This is my favorite method, the most terrifying, and the busiest. You have one day to get a whole weeks worth of food done, including the shopping!

Why would anyone choose this? Well normally you are working 5-6 days a week at a job, either have kids or other obligations and do not want to come home from all that to cook a meal. Instead if you spend one day working on food, your nights every week are your own.

Its a nice way to give yourself the night off.

Cooking Fresh!

This method is a mix of the previous two. You precut your meals and bag them instead of cooking them.

This way you can pull the bag out of the fridge or freezer (depending on how far back you meal prep) and cook dinner without having to do all the work.

You would spend part of a day cutting meals to reduce your time spent cooking.

Slow Cooker!

This method of meal preparation is precutting all of your vegetables similar to the Cooking Fresh method and instead of cooking that night. You put those ingredients in your slow cooker while you are working or doing other projects. That way by the time dinner is done, so are you!

This is for those of you who can remember to do this in the morning when you get up and are in the hussle and bussle of the day.

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