About – Keep It Real Recipes

Who We Are:

Richard Moore

Lead Cook – Writer – Recipe Developer – Owner

Richard loves to cook and spent 8 years learning from different professional kitchens how to properly handle and assemble food. He loves trying to cook dishes from around the world and further his food knowledge. It is the reason he wanted to start Keep It Real Recipes!

Kelsey Tucker

Cook – Photographer – Editor – Official Taste Taster

Kelsey is an aesthetic artist when it comes to food photography or simply reading over one of the posts prior to release. She has a knack for finding problems and fixing them. In the kitchen she is an amazing cook and the best taste tester there is! She has been Richard’s partner in and out of the kitchen for over 10 years!

What We Offer:

Dairy Free Recipes

We have been dairy free for over 5 years now. One of the hardest things for us to find were recipes when we started the journey. They were either vegan or had a very limited flavor profile. What we wanted was to be able to eat any dish dairy free, that has been our mission.

Meal Preparation Tips

Meal preparation has been not only a big money saver for us, but also a great experience for us to go through as a couple. It helps us save time for more important things in our lives or just to not have to work as hard on those busy days.

Food Safety Tips

The most important thing in the kitchen is safety. Whether its knife handling or storage. We want to make sure that you keep yourself and your family safe from foodborne illness and harm.

What We Love About Food:

Infinite Cuisine Options

Our whole journey started on trying to recreate soups we found at our local restaurant. We would go in and try them and attempt to create them at home from taste. The best part is that we were super successful and that led to us creating our own recipes. I (Richard) even got jobs at restaurants to learn how to make some of their food that Kelsey loved!

Cooking Is Therapeutic

One of the reasons I love to cook is that I find it therapeutic. When I am not having one of my best days or I am simply in a bad mood, I will go in the kitchen and get to cooking. It feels like it adds a little extra flavor to the dish and sometimes even pivots the spices I use in the dish. I think it is also a great way to just let off steam or have some alone time.

It Builds Relationships

Often Kelsey and I are found in the kitchen working on recipes. Whether its her telling me what she wants to eat for the week or her working as my fancy sous chef. We have an amazing time, turn on some music and cook it up. Cooking can be a tool to build a relationship not only between friends but loved ones. Not to mention, if they love the food they will love you!

Why Dairy Free Recipes?

After a slew of small allergic reactions Kelsey had a major one to some goats cheese in a meal we were eating. After rushing her to the emergency care center they informed her that she couldn’t have cheese anymore. I had been showing symptoms that he had experienced in the beginning of her allergy developing so I opted out of the dairy free lifestyle as well.

We really had a hard time in the transition and think that others could benefit from us sharing our test kitchen and practice with them. You!

What We Stand For!

The Black Lives Matter Movement

We at Keep It Real Recipes stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement. We will be posting and sharing any content we can find in relation to what is happening in the world to give equal rights and opportunities to the black community. We stand with you against the racial oppression, we stand with you in this time of hardship and loss and we will stand with you in this time of change. Let us be a better country by standing by our beliefs of a free country and giving every man, child and woman the same chances in life.

Disability Equality

At Keep It Real Recipes we want to bring attention to the disabled and their rights. I myself suffer from a disability, so this is close to the heart. I have spent the majority of my life keeping it a secret. Being disabled comes with a stigma and depending on the disability it can lead to people fearing you or having reservations about having you near them. People treat you differently when they know and its hard to come to terms with that. I am now doing my best to discuss my disability and pushing past the reservations I have about sharing things in hope that it gets better for others out there who also struggle.


Racism will not be tolerated at Keep It Real Recipes. We do not condone nor stand with people who are racist. In fact, We are taking a stand to fight racism by using our social media platforms to inform and bring light to organizations that are seeking justice for those who have suffered from the acts of racism. We will be including links to petitions, groups to support and general information for those seeking to be an anti-racist. Not being a racist isn’t enough, you need to be against it.

Human Decency

The world can be a better place and it starts with you. Spreading happiness, joy and love help. Listening to a friend, taking the time to understand where someone is coming from or simply sending someone a cool song you heard. We need to be there for each other, getting stuck on me, me, me is a quick way for us to distance ourselves from each other. Even during this pandemic we can be there for each other, wear masks to keep each other safe, wash our hands and most importantly be mindful of your actions!